Frequently Asked Questions


Red Rabbit  TATTOO

I want a tattoo!  What's next?  Email  Include:  what do you want, where do you want it,  what size,what is the budget for your project, inspiration pictures, and preferred artist if you have one.

How do i know which artist to request?  Red Rabbit is great at looking at what you want and parring you with an artist that connects with your idea, however, if you want to decide that for yourself, take a look at each portfolio.  Everyone definitely has different styles.  Choosing an artist for their specialty will take your tattoo experience to a new level!

What is the shop minimum?  Our shop minimum is $80.  Please keep in mind that this has nothing to do with the size of the tattoo.  Some very small tattoos can be very complicated and are priced accordingly.

Do I need an appointment?  An appointment guarantees that you will get a tattoo when you want it.  We accept walk ins but cannot promise that someone will be available.​